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High Cholesterol

Several drugs and diseases can bring about high cholesterol, but, for most people, a high-fat diet and inherited risk factors may be the main causes. Learn how to lower your high cholesterol.

High Cholesterol Levels Sodium and A Cholesterol Diet

Friday, January 26, 2007

Fast food is considered a staple in many American diets today. Prepackaged items at the grocery store may be easy to prepare, but the labels suggest unhealthy levels of fat and calories. Sodium content is also a major concern. Many people fail to eat well-balanced meals. In a hurry, many people simply forage in the refrigerator for a quick bite, or grab something on the go. Forget about trying to eat the recommended daily allowance from all the food groups. Therefore, it should be no surprise cholesterol levels are rising accordingly. When a doctor mentions the need to lower cholesterol levels, a patient will generally react in one of three different ways. He/she will adopt a "tomorrow" attitude, decide to die happy, or take personal responsibility toward making the appropriate changes.

Uneducated regarding the increased potential for life-threatening heart disease, individuals also tend to take a prescription and resume eating ice cream for dessert, fast food, and other high fat meals. Unfortunately, high cholesterol medicine is not a cure all. Unless individuals make the conscience choice to implement permanent changes in lifestyle, and begin making healthier choices, the medicine will not work as intended. Therefore, patients are still susceptible to cardiovascular disease. People fail to realize and high blood pressure both contribute to heart attacks and strokes (read the ). Although the word is out regarding high blood pressure, motivating individuals to take the problem seriously, has not yet been elevated to the same level of concern. Health professionals are attempting to change patients' perceptions regarding fatty deposits blocking blood flow.

By far, the best attitude is the responsible approach. Wise individuals will take the necessary steps to reduce cholesterol levels. Unless cholesterol levels are dangerously high, requiring immediate attention, doctors will suggest lifestyle changes in diet, exercise, and stressors. Proactive people will embrace a healthier lifestyle by eating more fruits, vegetables, and other high fiber foods. In addition, a regular exercise routine becomes a permanent part of every day activities. While getting buff at the local gym may not be a personal choice, a daily walk is a good start to getting the cardiovascular system in good shape. However, if the patient responsibly complies, and cholesterol levels are still high, a doctor may then suggest medication.

Like hypertension, elevated cholesterol levels can become a silent killer. However, patients often choose to put treatment off until tomorrow, or live in a perpetual state of denial, until cardiovascular disease rules the day. Thankfully, wise people know controlling high cholesterol is a personal choice. Enlightened, a lifestyle change is a small price to pay for the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

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Doctors May Prescribe Medicine To Combat High Cholesterol

Sunday, January 21, 2007

high cholesterol medicine
Doctors may prescribe medication to combat . are common high cholesterol medicines, recommended to block the liver’s ability to naturally create cholesterol. As a result, the liver will begin removing the artery-clogging component in the blood. Also, the body will have a greater capability of absorbing the remaining cholesterol, before fatty deposits can form to block the blood flow through the vessels.

Another drug used to control cholesterol is bile acid binding drugs. The liver needs cholesterol to make bile. Bound by the medicine, the liver will naturally require more cholesterol to manufacture the necessary bile. Still other drugs are designed to prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol. Instead, the cholesterol is laid waste. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe a combination of Statin drugs and absorption preventing medicines. Although testing may be required to monitor cholesterol levels and liver function, high cholesterol medicine may prevent a worse, and often deadly, fate.

In summary, is not a health issue to be ignored. The condition is a major cause of strokes and heart attacks. Not adhering to a heart-healthy diet and taking the recommended medication is tantamount to playing Russian roulette with life. Do not take a blase attitude toward a silent killer. As with any other potential health problems, monitoring high cholesterol can be a lifesaver.

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