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High Cholesterol

Several drugs and diseases can bring about high cholesterol, but, for most people, a high-fat diet and inherited risk factors may be the main causes. Learn how to lower your high cholesterol.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

High Cholesterol May Cause Prostate Cancer Development

Tip! And we saved the best for last. Always remember that a diet for reducing cholesterol level will definitely help you lose weight.

According to general medical opinion regarding causes of prostate cancer, the risk factors are age, ethnic history and family background.

But recently, a research study have found that high cholesterol levels speed up the growth of prostate tumours. This conclusion may help to find an explanation regarding the fact prostate cancer is more frequent in the West world than in Asian countries because of diets high in cholesterol. For instance, in rural parts of Japan and China, where people use low fat diets, rates of prostate cancer are up to 90% less than in the West countries. It is also a reality that in United States prostate cancer hits about one in every six men.

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The study author noted that the human body uses cholesterol in the synthesis of hormones known as androgens, which have a high influence on prostate tissue. Too much of cholesterol may cause an unbalanced production of this hormone. The surplus of cholesterol accumulates in the outer membranes of tumour cells leading to the development of prostate cancer.

Probably, the conclusion that drugs lowering cholesterol may help prevent prostate cancer or at least decrease its development is premature. But is a fact that watching your diet, you can be healthier.

Tip! When cells and tissues are damaged, cholesterol helps repair them � its in scars too.

Valerian D is a freelance writer interested in health issues affecting men such as prostate malignant tumours.


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