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High Cholesterol

Several drugs and diseases can bring about high cholesterol, but, for most people, a high-fat diet and inherited risk factors may be the main causes. Learn how to lower your high cholesterol.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Lower Your High Cholesterol Naturally

Rob Cooper reviews 60 Day Prescription Free Cholesterol Cure

I've always believed that every condition know to man could be treated naturally with diet, exercise and with the proper application of knowledge and nutrition. When it comes to Lowering High Cholesterol Naturally, I feel no different.

My Own Cholesterol Levels

My sister and her husband are doctors. In fact, my sisters husband worked as a private consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva Switzerland for 6 years. One summer they were visiting and I had just had my cholesterol levels checked with my doctor.

I remember the moment exactly, when I read what my cholesterol report said because they both stopped what they were doing, turned and looked at me. They had me repeat the numbers and then they looked over the report themselves.

It was at that moment that I realized I had actually stunned my sister the "doctor" for the first time. I had fallen prey to the "little brother can't possible know best" syndrome, so they had never listened to me in the past.

I've been following a natural diet for a number of years and the work paid off not only with my weight , fitness level and health, but also for my cholesterol numbers.

Lower Your Cholesterol Without Drugs

In having a look online for a good way to inform people about Cholesterol and how to lower it naturally, I was lead to Frank Mangano after reading his book about natural high blood pressure reduction.

Frank began looking for a natural approach to lowering cholesterol for his mother. She was diagnosed with High Cholesterol and was afraid to begin Statin Drugs because of their terrible side effects. He dove into the research and the hard work paid off. What He gave his mother was a plan based on hard science that allowed her to lower her cholesterol without drugs. Her cholesterol dropped 40 points with his all-natural system. This kind of result normally leaves doctors slack-jawed at the amazing results.

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